Seventheaven (1989)

Pino Scotto (voce) Steve Tessarin (chitarra)

Mimmo Prantera (basso) Lio Mascheroni (batteria) Ruggero Zanolini (tastiere)


A good looking girl just like all of the rest

Checking her make – up again and again

Spends all her time in pursuit of a quest

Like in the movies she’s seen


She’s playing – romantic games

She’s falling – in love again

She’s dreaming – of riding in Cadillacs

She’s only – an Italian girl


Leaving behind inhibitions and fears

Now is the time to be proud and free

Knows how to separate the men from the boys

That’s how it’s going to be


She’s dreaming – of riding in Cadillacs

She’s falling – in love again

She’s playing – romantic games

She’s only – an Italian girl


Like the way she looks

So desirable

She’s got what it takes

She knows it

Like the way she talks

So delectable

She’s got what it takes

I know.

Every road that I travel

All by myself

Stops me taking my place in your heart

Don’t have schemes to unravel

Where you’re concerned

You knew me so well from the start

With or without me girl

Where would you be

You’re just a natural born

Loner like me

Wanna live my existence

In my own time

Wanna stand up on my own two feet

Don’t put up no resistance

To my desires

You know we where destined to meet

Leave my illusions free

Just for a while

One day I know I’ll walk

My last mile

Running after

Easy chances

Leaves you wond’ring what you left behind

Running faster

Down the right road

Makes you wonder what else you can find.

You made me aware of harmony

You walked right into my life so easy/easily

You gave me your love and set me free

It was your only desire to please me

But I took your loving and broke your heart

My way of living tore you apart

Life was just a road that led to hell

No easier way to bring me despair

You knew all the answers oh so well

Standing by me though I didn’t care


But I took your loving and broke your heart in two

My way of living tore you apart

Your dedication gonna make me wanna stay with you

I wanna stay, I’m losing, losing my evil ways

You’re taking, taking my blues away

Believe me it’s what I’m waiting for (looking for)

Take a look in my eyes

I really wanna stay

My heart is telling no lies

I know it every time

I take a look in your eyes.

When I saw you late last night

Didn’t know what’s wrong or right

‘Cause I got this feeling in my bones


 It’s the way you move your hips

And the way you lick your lips

Couldn’t wait to get you alone


Gonna try in every way to take a ride with you

I promise you It’s gonna last the whole night through

It’s gonna take your breath away


I’m gonna get right next to you

Wanna lay my hands on you

Gonna touch you everywhere I please


You bring out the beast in me

Won’t you take the rest of me

Don’t make me get down on my knees


And in the morning when I wake up by your side

I’ll talk of love to you and feel so warm inside

You really take my breath away


You know – baby

I’m not an angel in disguise

I know – let’s go

Try me out you’ll wanna stay

Don’t say – maybe

Can’t you see the longing in my eyes.

Lies, are written on every face

S’what makes the world go around

Y’know, it’s just like a cold embrace

Trading in lies sets the pace

No use in looking for a reason

In the end living breaks you down one more time

Laying low

Behind the scenes

Life is always making evil schemes

Take a chance

One way ride

You don’t have nobody on your side

Life, can light up the deepest darkness

Can soften the hate in our souls/hearts

Fly, away on the wings of silence

Just leaving memories behind

Nothing else lasts for such a long time

Relying only on those lies one more time.

You’re the man with the killing machine

Keep on tracking those victims down

She’s the girl with her head full of dreams

Strutting around down town

He’s the one who’s been dealing the trade

He’s a happy man

Got nothing to lose

It’s not against the law


It’s the fear that you see in those eyes

Makes the hunter feel so strong

No place to run you’re taken by surprise

Freedom don’t last long

No one knows why you’re losing your life

He’s only half a man

But feels so good

When he can shoot you down


We go – hunting without a cause

Need to – stop all these killing games

We go – shooting without remorse

Need to – kill the killer


We go – hunting without a cause

Need to – stop all these killing games

We go – shooting without remorse

Need to – kill the killers one by one and stop them.

Wings upon my heels

Never touch the ground

(I) know how it feels

Always looking round

(A) step ahead of time

(My) fear close behind

Scared of losing

Nothing lingers

Moments slipping right through my fingers

I’ve seen too much

But don’t say I won’t see no more

My anger is such

It’s burning me to the core

There won’t be no pain

Where there’s no deceit

Hate’s the real shame

The trials of defeat

Can be found within

Where our hopes begin.

Take good care of those smiling faces

They can take your best away


All dressed up like a fake prima donna

You gotta be looking your best

Never doing what you really wanna

‘Cause you’re scared just like the rest

It’s a social condition

Standing up to the test

You can’t lose your position – Oh no

Take a look at yourself

You’re wasting away – Oh no


Run away like Cinderella at midnight

Or they’ll see you dressed in rags

Never show that you really don’t feel right

Drink the cup down to the dregs

It’s your biggest ambition

To be a number one star

Ain’t no competition – Oh no

It’s all decided before

You ever get there – Oh yeah.

Up in arms we’ll start to fight

We’re the ones to blame

Standing strong with all our might

We know the rules of the game


All the words and promises

Will disappear in time

Don’t you hear the man that says

We’re all partners in crime


Let’s walk down the road to changes

We’ll never see

Don’t talk about all the heroes

We’ll never be


We’re living a lonely war

That’s never been fought before

Keep your fears out of sight

It’s no easy but

Don’t give up the fight

Tonight we’ll be warriors tonight

And drive our illusions to flight

Tonight – we can work it out.