corruption of innocence

Corruption Of Innocence (1987)

Pino Scotto (voce) Steve Tessarin (chitarra)

Mimmo Prantera (basso) Lio Mascheroni (batteria) Ruggero Zanolini (tastiere)


They’re a special breed

Got just what they need

Makin others bleed

They are the backbone of society

They all wanna buy

Their own piece of sky

Makin others sigh

Does it make’em feel so might

They’re gonna come down to earth pretty fast

When they find out they have been cheated

They sold their souls to the devil himself

For just a handful of big worries

There’ll come a day when

They’ll realize

Their dirty world is an illusion

They watch their big hopes

Come crashing down

And throw their lives into confusion

Always seeking power

Getting lazy

In their ivory tower

Going crazy.

Sometimes you wake up in the morning light

Broken inside

You’ve lost all the starch you need to fight

You wanna hide

Get away form the things that make you sick

Sick and tired

It’s like when the ground beneath your feet

Start to slide

When we started out we had a whole lotta giving to do

We were so sure that nothing could bring us round

As time goes by all those castles in the air

Come tumbling down

Think of all the people buying dreams

Custom made

Never knowing they’re just the victims of

The tricks of the trade

Never own a big house or

A fancy car

I won’t sell my soul to be on top

A rock‘n’roll star

Get up it’s time y’knew the way things really stand

I want you to see where they bury all your dreams

The ones that made us feel that hopes and reality

Go hand in hand

Down and out so rotten inside out

Filthy business you’re just like a bitch

Y’don’t care you don’t give a damn

You just walk over anyone who ever dares to get in your way.

There were the good times

There were the bad times

When I was living a normal life

It did’nt last long

But it was so wrong

I should have know that right from the start

Not so long

Started to yearn for

Kind of life I lived before

I never felt right

When I was shut tight

Just like a wild beast locked in a cage

I found out all the answers

As the long dark nite turned into day

Believe me when I say

Sometimes I feel I just want to be alone

The way I want to be

Is running with my baby next to me

Looking for good times

Looking for bad times

When I can make you really join in

You keep on  saying you love me

You carry on but you don’t understand

You gimme so much

You gimme so much of your love.

I used to play a dangerous game, making the right

Kind of choice, well I found what there was to lose

This is a world of good and bad, you’re walking

On the edge of a knife have it all

The one way to choose

It’s hard to stand by watching someone you care

For, whose life wastes away

He used to have so much to say and to give

And to live for

He used to tell me all the troubles that made him

Stop feeling so low, he loved the blues

He carried inside him

So many time in many ways

He kept on deceiving himself

He always felt that this was the last one

His body was found at the edge of the road

His fighting was over, the friend,  he believed in,

Laid down by his side cold and bleeding

He run, way down the road to destruction straight to hell

So fast, he couldn’t get no reaction straight to hell.

Stormy winds blasting at my door

I can’t breathe I feel like screaming

Shouting thunder till you can take no more

I’ve seen rage crushed in the mud

Crying out for all men’s freedom

People bent down on their knees spitting blood

Spitting blood

Got no breath left to tell no lies

Their minds all dried up can speak no words

Trough out all the stormy rain

Many doors slamming in my face

We’ll always find a way to ease the pain

We could die but then rise again

And be worse off than before

But it don’t mean that they’d ever break the chain

Break the chain

Too much violence in everyone

They’ve got our minds and souls on the run

They’ve got a grip on us to hate and be afraid

To stop us fighting for the price that we have paid

Fear is a blinding danger

Hate is an evil stranger

Fear is the height of sadness

Hate is total madness.

You were just walking by

Amazing look upon your face

It seemed you’d like to try

To take some chances in this place

You know it’s no surprise

Come on in try it out for size

Be brave and leave your troubles all behind

Inside there’s all the fun that you can find

Like me you can go right out your mind

You won’t ever feel down in the “Talk of the town”

This place is wrong for you

If all you want is to relax

Just let the speed get through

This is the life no turning back

Let the music take it’s toll

Rock’n’roll is gonna buy your soul

Be brave this is a place to pay your dues

Feels good let your inhibition loose

Like me don’t you gimme no excuse

Let your hair hang down in the “Talk of the town” 

You had to stop and stare

Maybe she could be the kind

To stay with you tonite

You know she won’t put up a fight.

It’s really sad to find yourself

End of the day

Running for so long alone – I’m going home

I’ve always said that I could make

The music that I like

Our lives are just like images

On the silver screen

Black and white reminders of past that must be seen

You were always close behind me

Standing in the wings

Knowing just where I am bound

Living music just like love

Inspiring what I sing

Music – deep inside you

Giving me all I need to go on

Despite this all I still believe

I’m really going home

Nothing can surprise me now

Maybe just myself

Knowing just where I am bound

Living music just like love

Inspiring what I sing

Music – deep inside you

Giving me all I need to go on

Worries – heavy burdens

I can always relief on your love.

She, she looked so good

Just like a dream all dressed in red

Sleek as tiger, the look in her eyes

Telling me just what to do

Playing a game, leading me on too far

Ever so cool, keeping me on the line

Making me feel so fine losing my mind

So fine, I can’t resist this time

So fine, she’s got me now this time

You got me now

She found out real soon

Games never pay with guys like me

Cause I’m a survivor, tell you no lies

I get the choice out of this

You work it out, I’ll be a match for you

Ever so cool, keeping you on the line

Making you feel so fine losing your mind

So fine, you can’t resist this time

So fine, I’ve got you now this time

I’ve got you now.

I belong to the nite time

Darkness comes like an invitation

I live when the sun goes down

Start the action

My dreams are the real thing

I go where there’s more confusion

I look for a love that gives no illusion

I know you’ll take this the wrong way

You see I got my good reasons

They’re always increasing

Over the limit

I wanna live it’s no far to go

Over the limit

I gotta live one more strip to go over the limit

Had a friend I relied on

Life was giving him deep frustration

Only tough men cry in desperation

Speed and drink get together

Then the low starts to take you over

Can’t you see we’re fooling around – move on over

I’m just biding my own time

My life is out of control

I’m gonna be riding.